Monday, 15 January 2018

Filming with Artists Network 2018

My blog has fallen quiet yet again as I have been filming new DVDs with Artists Network TV. I arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida just after New Years Eve and prepared to film here.
Last week I met the most incredible film crew at the filming location and we began the first shoots. Filming is such a terrific experience but I will confess at times it can be very exhausting. We worked straight through each day trying to beat the changeable weather that effected the lighting on set continually.

I tend to take each set of every film in one shoot, minus the need for any out takes. I love painting in a spontaneous manner so working with a crew as talented as this was pure bliss. They got every single pigment interaction on camera as needed in close up superbly. The tuition will be extremely easy to follow.

My only niggle is that I was interviewed outside on the first day. Why would this be a problem you may ask? In humid conditions mixed with drizzle my natural hair tends to do its own thing and oh boy it did! In the first film please, if you download it, look at my painting demonstration and not me! I must have looked alarming as the day passed because the film director raced me to a hairdresser as soon as the words "It's a wrap" on the first day were mentioned. To everyone's relief I walked in looking more like me on the second day.

Actually that wasn't the worst of my problems and I possibly shouldn't mention this but I was asked to have different outfits with me to change into for each film. No problem at all but when changing from one outfit to the other I had a slight hiccup with the microphone that was attached to my clothing. It went for a "swim" and as I was changing in the bathroom at the time I'll let you guess where! These outfit changes are quick, almost as fast as when I used to model years ago so clothes are thrown off and in seconds. While I felt really embarrassed explaining what had happened to the microphone to the director I was assured this has happened many times before. It may have done but not to me! I'm usually far more professional.

Anyway, at the end of last week three beautiful new DVDs had been filmed. "It's a wrap" are fabulous words to hear when you have been working intensively. I loved being told how easy I am to film with, a huge compliment but I love teaching and sharing my joy for working in watercolour.

I will share the news when these exciting new films are available. I can't wait to see them!

For now though I owe a huge thank you to Artists Network TV for inviting me back to create new films and to the exceptionally talented film crew who made each filming day a pleasure.

What an exciting life I lead!


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2018 Workshop and Demonstration Schedule

  Title: Orchids In the Mist
Medium: Pure watercolour
Size: 57cms  x 38cms 

I will be teaching watercolour workshops over the next few weeks in the following locations. Whilst the workshops are fully booked I will also be giving demonstrations in Florida in Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota. 

Full details, dates and workshop contacts are seen below:- 


Gold Coast Watercolor Society

Workshop 1:  16/17th January 2018  FULLY BOOKED
Workshop 2:  18/19th January 2018 FULLY BOOKED 
Free Demonstration January 16th 


Workshop 1:  22/23rd January 2018  FULLY BOOKED
Workshop 2:  24/25th  January 2018  FULLY BOOKED
Free Demonstration


 February 2/3rd 2018   FULLY BOOKED
 February 5/6th 2018   FULLY BOOKED
February 8/9th 2018  FULLY BOOKED



Workshop 1. 13th -14th February 2018  FULLY BOOKED
Workshop 2.  16th -17th February 2018  FULLY BOOKED

Exciting 2018! Flowers anyone?

Magical Orchids in the Mist
Work in progress


It will be a year of flowers this year!  Why?  Because I am making it a year of flowers!
My new book "Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour" will be launched in June 2018 and I am also on my way to film a new DVD about painting flowers, in different ways.  Bringing life and energy into our work. I'm deliberately avoiding subjects I have covered before in my book and DVDs so do keep an eye out for some really lovely demonstrations,with  new colour combinations and fabulous techniques to make painting even more enjoyable.

I am about to complete the above painting to start my new year. I have white orchids in my living room in our cottage and even though I am busy I just had to paint them today. They were screaming at me to do so.

I have several blues in the background o fmy first wash, there are lovely lost and found edges and I am about to add the detail. Not too much. Just enough to tell the story!

I am never happier than when I am painting.

How about you?

Have a great 2018!


Welcome to 2018: The Year of Colour!

 Simple colour wash creating distance and "veins" in colour runs

Welcome to 2018!

Wow, what a start to the year I am having. Tomorrow I leave to film my new DVDs in Florida with Artist Network Everyone is so excited about my returning to film again with them and I am thrilled too. I can't wait to get there. Over the last few weeks I have had conference calls from the USA team to discuss my new demonstrations and film content. Its' been so exciting and yet with Christmas and New Year get togethers', trying to focus on this trip has been really difficult. Hence my silence on my blog for so long.

I used to contribute to my blog regularly but now any free time is so very hard to find . Just at the point in my art life when I have so many new ideas and far more to share. Its si frustrating in some ways as my technique and my painting approaches have changed dramatically over the years. Especially so with colour. Mainly because I travel so often and see so many tempting sights to paint . But also from my time spent at Daniel Smith in Seattle where I find myself  completely immersed in colour absorption from all the exciting shades there on display, readily available to try. By the way there are now just a few slots available for my workshops there at the end of this year when I will be returning.

For now I am still working on my new book which is huge! It is full of inspirational tips and demonstrations which I hope everyone will love. I am proof reading it at the moment and adding text for a few extra demonstrations in the last sections. This is a book I can't wait to get my hands on to be honest. It will be my favourite for years to come for many reasons. I will share more about its' launch  in other blog posts but I will be at Patchings this year to celebrate, if you would like to join me there.

For now though I want to wish everyone a very happy new year and I will make another wish. I hope whatever your goals or dreams are for 2018 they all come true. 
But do remember. 
Sometimes dreams need a little patience while waiting for them to happen, or they may just need a little nudge  in the right direction.

Lets' see what happens over the next twelve months but my tip would be try starting the year with some new colours! And of  course new colour combinations. Don't lets' get stuck in "yesterday" or what we have always done in the past. This is the year for excitement, dramatic paintings and stunning results.

Lets' all go for gold this year!


Wintry Shadows

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Winter Solstice

"Winter Reflections"

Oh how busy life is at the moment. I am still working with my publisher on my new book. I had hoped it would be completed well before Christmas but sadly there have been unavoidable delays in its progress but I am truly hoping to see a final proof soon. I am also working with Artist Network TV on a series of new films which will be created in January 2018 and I am so looking forward to them.

I am looking ahead to my workshops next year  too and I am thrilled with their exciting new content. I think the word in capital letters for next year on all my courses has to be "colour" with a capital C! New idesa, new techniques, fun, experiments and more to inspire constantly. So much so that all I want to do is paint. 

I'm looking out of my window at the canal outside and the dramatic light hitting the bare trees really does create a stunning foreground to the glowing sunset. Which is dulled by dusk falling quickly, as curtains closing, on what was a few hours ago a gorgeous rural scene.

Time to paint, time to orgnaise and time to enjoy the spirit that is Christmas.


If only we could buy it in a bottle to enjoy whenever we need it!

Have a great Christmas!!!


Monday, 11 December 2017

In Love With Colour

 Hydrangea Magic

After weeks of teaching and being on tour, my heart seems to be screaming to me to pick up my brushes and get colour on paper as fast as I can. In a way this is a frustrating and exciting week for me as tomorrow the team from my publishers will arrive in the early morning as we are filming the last section of my new book which will be launched next year. Then tonight I am talking to the film company who will be filming my new DVDs next year, whilst I am teaching in Florida.

The exciting part is obvious as I am thrilled my book is almost  complete and I am over the moon to have been invited to create more DVDs. But I want to paint. I seriously want to paint! I am in love with colour so much again after my recent visit to Daniel Smith in Seattle. And after inspiring so many artists of all levels on my own workshops I want to put all the ideas that have come to me over the last few weeks into practise on paper.

But I have to prepare for my book and my films.

Even so today I grabbed this hydrangea painting and added to it. I worked with a variety of colours simply throwing them on to see what would happen and where. I love this close up section, seen below, as it looked beautiful when the colours were merging and drying.

Hopefully I can finish it in between filming and film planning/writing!

Whatever you are doing , have a wonderful week ahead and if you are busy like me, don't let your diary take you away from your brushes for too long!

Hydrangea Magic
Work in progress


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Why am I singing?

I am over the moon as I have heard from my publishers this week who have let me know that my new book which is to be launched next year will be published not only in English but in Chinese and Russian too!

What a wonderful way to close 2017 after many fabulous and exciting workshops with many more to follow!

I am so excited and so thrilled!